Buying your Dream Home is easy with our Team 

When planning to buy a home, the first thing to consider is your budget.  Budget and Mortgage calculators will incorporate your income, debts, and expenses into an equation to tell you what homes you will qualify for.  So, your budget will let you know how much banks will lend and, more importantly, what you feel comfortable spending on your dream home. 

It is a very common mistake to simply begin looking at homes without knowing your comfort zone often leading to disappointment when you fall in love with a home you cannot afford.  Our team will help you throughout the entire process to establish your budget comfort zone and ultimately find a home that fits both your needs and your budget.

In this market, offers on homes will not be considered without a letter from a reputable lender stating you qualify to purchase the home.  Speak to a lender and get this letter ready now.

Click for:  First Time Home Buyer Resource Page    Buyer 'Need to Know' Resources Page.


Did you know that Virginia law now requires all buyers working with Realtors to have a written brokerage agreement? For more details, please see click to read "Your Realtors Role".




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